First Exchange Listing of BaaSid Token
The BaaSid Token (“BAAS”) will be primarily listed on July 19, 2018 at 06:00 (UTC +0).
For more details, please refer to the link below.

End of ETH Refund Period

How to participate BaaSid ICO.

1. Make your own private wallet (MEW or MetaMask)
2. Send Ethereum
3. KYC on the "Official Web Site"
(You have to finishing KYC for receiving BAAS Token)
(Start!! ↓↓)

BaaSid ICO is ended.

Thanks to the support of all ICO participants
(You have to approve KYC verification
for receiving BAAS token.)

BaaSid and BaaSinfra partnered with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ)
BaaSinfra and Super Micro Computer, Inc. will collaborate based on the MainNet of BaaSid

BaaSid and BaaSinfra, DApp of BaaSid partnered with Super Micro Computer, Inc.(NASDAQ)

For BaaSinfra built on the Mainnet of BaaSid, having one of the world’s top 3 server makers as Super Micro Computer, Inc.(Nasdaq) will accelerate development and distribution of BaaSid Private Node.

With successful partnership, BaaSid Private Node will be provided to the major companies and varied businesses.

RSC Project led by Ronaldinho Adopts World-First 100% Decentralized Database Technology
“RSC has signed partnership with BaaSid to install authentication system which has excellent security through 100% de-centralized authentication.”

Official  Channel -

WSC (World Soccer Coin) launches a revolutionary soccer business offering both digital and real services in cooperation with a former member of the Brazil soccer team, Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho Digital Stadiums will be developed in 300 locations including Asia, the Middle East, Africa and others within three years. The stadiums will be created using cutting-edge digital technologies such as block chain, AI and VR.

Construction plans have already been confirmed in more than ten locations around the world. To spread the existence of these stadiums, a franchise chain (FC) system will be introduced and WSC will work in alliance with soccer-related business owners around the globe.

A payment system, RSC platform (Ronaldinho Soccer Coin)
with safety and speed will be developed based on block chain technology-NEO. This system will become a core service which has worldwide availability.

RSC Platform in collaboration with BaaSid, blockchain based authentication platform will provide the high-level security with 100% decentralized application login.

BaaSinfra Airdrop Event
BaaSinfra token(BAAI) Airdrop
  • Qualified participants : BAAS holders with over 1miliion BAAS
  • Quantity : As much BAAI as 5% of the holding BAAS Token
  • ( ex. If you hold 1,000,000 BAAS Token, 1,000,000*0.05= 50,000 BAAI )
  • Start Date : Schedule will be announced separately.

BaaSid Japan Seminar - Business Changes with Blockchain
Business changes in the block chain Virtual currency and bird's-eye view of the "now" of the block chain, lectures and Money Partners Mr. Okuyama and South Korea industry associations President
"block chain 3.0", "analysis company of the block chain", also, such as use example of the block chain

Introduce Instant Access API, one of BaaSid’s core technologies
One of the biggest advantages of BaaSid project is stability and convenience. Up to now, most websites provide full service only through membership or authentication. As we all know, authentication process, which seems to be simple, is very frustrating.

What is BaaSid?

BaaSid divides the texts and images of personal information, splits and distributes them on a public network based on a block chain.
BaaSid is a 100% decentralized personal information network that enables all companies to securely and conveniently use all their personal authentication without operating a centralized DB server.

100% Decentralized DB Network

BaaSid is a completely new authentication network that does not have a separate centralized DB server, but is certified in a private information public network.


Split & Distribution Engine

BaaSid splitting and distributing, saving sensitive personal information such as individual ID, PW, certificate, biometrics information and image without original informations

Split ID

The personal information of participants is split into thousands of fragments using the split engine and all these fragmented Split IDs are then encrypted and the Split IDs that are different from one another are then stored within the split blocks they belong to.

Personal authentication from unspecified individuals

Quickly and safely combine and authenticate participants' personal information fragments by recalling them from an unspecified number of public networks.

Unify complex authentication “One Pass”

All of the participant's information is stored without original in an unspecified number of public networks and it proves 'me' when needed at any time.

DB Governance

"BaaSid" participants are clients that are already aggressive and have potential, and they make up the database for a safe login and verification where they trust one another and verify one another.


Through participant's unique biometric information, you can enjoy all internet service through instant access to your personal information pieces

[Instant access using your own biometric information]


The benefits of participants and Online Service Provider

1) Vast database & security system “Reduction of both development and maintenance costs”

Comparison between general internet service systems and the BaaSid “BaaS” Infrastructure

2) "Removal of the legal risks" regarding personal information leaks

There are no legal risks involving hacking attempts and exposure as all internet service providers that apply the COPN (Certification of Public Network) of "BaaSid," do not receive or store personal information on a separate database.

3) Easy and secure certification process

[Comparison between Regular Login/Verification and Instant Access]

4) Simple and secure BaaSid at higher security levels such as bank, stock

[Comparision between Regular Internet Payment Verification VS BaaSid Hyper Confirm]


The goal of "BaaSid" is to create instant access for internet services without storing personal information or any source of a user's personal information on any service provider database, with any national verification agency, with any third party verification agency, or even on any storage device of users.

Instant Access API

"BaaSid" is an easy, quick and safe verification service for logging in to all internet services (no membership application required) and performing important activities online as it takes the Certification of Public Network and personal information and divides it into thousands of fragments, after which it randomly saves the information on participants' nodes, which is then encrypted and decrypted temporarily

Big data Service “Big BaaS”

Even if the online service provider does not operate its own DB, collects big data about Internet activity of all users based on BaaSid public network, and realizes various smart marketing services to the enterprise.

Road Map


The BaaSid team is a global project promoted by technology, finance, investment, marketing and management experts from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, America and Australia.

Business Operrating

Otaka Jun (JAPAN)
CEO of BaaSid Lab Japan
Chairman of PRO Group In charge of Network design at NTT
HITACHI Nuclear Power, MITSUBISHI Nuclear Power, TOSHIBA Nuclear Power Plant Design
Development of 3D-CAD System for Tokyo Gas application drawing
James Huang (CHINA/ASIA)
CEO of BaaSid Lab Taiwan
CEO of Leadhope Inc.
CEO of Taiwan Index Inc. (TWSE)
AT&T(USA) Technical Assistant center manager, AT&T(ChengDu) Technical manager
Taiwan Mobile Company senior Director of project department
ChongHong Cable TV company VP / chief engineer
Japan GONZO Rosso Board Director / CEO of Global business
Nicholas Ng S.L. (SINGAPORE/EU)
President of BaaSid Lab Singapore
Chairman, Leadhope Philippines Inc
CEO, Neosonics Network
Director, BioWave Korea / Global Business Development
Niiyama Takeshi (JAPAN/USA)
Security Expert more than 17 years
Ph.D in 2016 Technology and Innovative Management (TIM) from Doshisha University
M.S.E in 2006 Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University
Assistant CISO of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)
Business Analyst and Product Manager of Intel Security (McAfee)
The first Japanese VIP guest speaker of Cyber Security Romania Sibiu 2014
The Smartphone Application Privacy Policy Dissemination and Verification Promotion Task Force Member (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was Observer) 2014
Joseph Hung (ASIA)
CEO, InterServ International Inc. (TSE )
Chairman and CEO, Game Storm Co. Ltd.
VP and GM of Telecom, Gold sky Digital Co. Ltd.
VP of Strategic Development, Clarent Telecom
Director of IT, Pacific Broadband Co. Ltd.
Established global telecommunication data hub.
CEO of Certon Co.,Ltd
Chairman of BoD, dear Lab., LTD
Director of KBIPA
(Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association)
CEO of Aston Project
Adam Geri (Australia/EU)
Vice President of Hcash Foundation / Founding member of the Hcash Foun dation. Specialist in business management and business development Gaining collaborations between governments
“I am looking forward to the future! The world is about to become a much b etter place, finding real solutions for real world issues due to the developmen t of blockchain technologies, the most disruptive technology that has been se en in our life time”
Vincent Tai (SINGAPORE/EU)
Director, SRV Trading Pte. Ltd.
Derivatives Trading Director, China Evernice Investment Pte. Ltd.
Director, Derivatives Trading, DBS Vickers Securities Pte. Ltd.
Assistant Vice President, ABN AMRO Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Assistant Vice President, Refco (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Co-Founder, KYCK!
Member of Singapore Institute of Directors
CEO of PRO Global Co Ltd.
Vice president of Korea Network Technology (IDC)
BaaSid Asia Business Leader
Director of PRO Japan
KBIPA(Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association)
Chairman of international cooperation committee
Advisor of Aston
CEO of Korea Network Technology (IDC)
Director of BUGS Music (KOSDAQ)
Online Game Producer of Playwith(YNK Korea) (KOSDAQ)
Dose Kevin (China / USA)
Business Development Manager, BaaSid Singapore
Global Director, Hyundai Infracore
Senior Account Manager, TLScontact
More than 10 years of work experience at several global companies (Volkswagen, Teleperformance etc.) in China, Australia and Korea
Andrew Wasylewicz (Australia/EU)
Business Development Manager at Hcash / Business Development Manager at Hcash.
Masters of Applied Science and has a background in strategic roles within the insurance and superannuation industries. He understands the ongoing challenges these companies face with storing and mana ging customers identification. He is excited about the real world ap plication blockchain technology has to offer and sees the enormous advantage BAASID has.
Business Department  of Changse
Legal Affairs Team of Sunhanid
Global Business Team -- China Country Manager, PRO GLOBAL
Head of Game Business Division, Korea Network Technology
China Project Manager, Korea CCR Inc. 
Director of Blockchain Dev Team, BaasLab
Director of Blockchain Dev Team, Nextinnovator
PMO(Project Management Officer) of SHUB/SCAP Project, kt
PMO(Project Management Officer) of IOT project(Intelligence Home), Samsung SDS
Business Management manager of KOSDAQ listed company.
Being still within a growth process in terms of personnel affairs and financial accounting,We are very honored to be able to work together with you in this new IT field called Blockchain.

R&D / BaaS Lab

Atsushi Inoue (USA)
CTO of BaaSid
PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati (USA)
Professor of Information Technologies and Business Analytics, Eastern Washington University (USA)
Professor of Information Assurance, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Senior Research Scientist, Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering (Japan) Research Scientist, HITACHI Ltd. (Japan)
Jin An (USA)
CTO/Co-founder of Cyflyer Inc. USA
General Manager of Imua Management USA
Director of Metro Pacific Inc.
General Manager of Taeryoung Development
University of Manoa, Computer science
Masakazu Sato (JAPAN)
The General Manager of System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation
The CEO of PRO ID Inc of PRO Group
Involved in various system development such as CAD system development, large-scale EC site development, etc
Responsible for Tohoku SI Division at present
Yasunori Matsuzaki (JAPAN)
Leader of BaaSlab R&D Center
PRO development leader
Development experience 14 years
Work experience as environmental consultant / GIS engineer
Masahide Saito (JAPAN)
The CEO of necomata Inc. at P.R.O Group
Join the COI TOHOKU and create a Smart Chair
Developed upper motion function measurement system using Kinect V 2 in collaboration with Tohoku University
Developed a tax return system and voting acceptance system for election
Lee Sangbum (KOREA)
CEO of BaaSLab co,.Ltd in Korea.
I have experienced a lot of IT related development almost 20 years, and leading project, managing business and finance management are my skills.
Data security solution, peer to peer solution and blockchain technology are my strong point of IT related development experience. It would be my best experience that I can join with BaaSid project and I will lead BaaSid project to global success.
Chiang Yung Ho (Taiwan)
Previous CTO of Soft World which is the No.1 game company in Taiwan.
He is proficient in coding and server application. More than 30 years experience of programing , 20 years experince for game in online game industry ,and 6 years in IDC industry.
DIRECTOR of PRO Global Co Ltd
R&D Center chief of Monster Holdings Co Ltd
Developer of Korea Network Technology (IDC)
Seoul national university of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering
Yasuhiro Goto (JAPAN)
Engineer of PRO Japan
News distribution system for communications company
Business Web System for electric maker
Engaged in development of client & server system for distribution
Years of experience: 15 years
DIRECTOR of PRO Global Co,.Ltd
Manager of Korea Network Technology Internet Data Center>
System Engineer of SmileServ Internet Data Center
Koji Ogata (JAPAN)
19 years of development experience
Engaged in all processes in package · web · mobile development
Building infrastructure as well
Kimiko ishii (JAPAN)
Belongs to P.R.O. Tohoku SI Project Headquarters
Engaged in developing web system using PHP at present
Naoki Izaki (JAPAN)
In addition to Web application development experience with the Java framework
Experienced designing, developing and bridging with offshore of the financial system with C ++
Interested in blockchain and big data in outside the business
Willingness to work ambitiously on everything
Shuhei Arakawa (JAPAN)
Belongs to System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation
Participating in the development of WEB APP mainly on iOS
Tsukasa Adachi (JAPAN)
The CTO of necomata Inc. at P.R.O Group
Involved in machine learning model construction by myoelectric measurement
Developed upper motion function measurement system using Kinect V 2 in collaboration with Tohoku University
Developed key unlock application with smartphone
Hiroaki Kaneko (JAPAN)
The Project Leader of System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation
The Leader of Server log analysis system development.
The Leader of Electronic money settlement system development
The Programmer of Financial system development
Taisei Hosino (JAPAN)
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Hosei University
Smartphone App Engineer
Ryota Dohi (JAPAN)
Web application development using the Java framework
Having an extensive experience of Java language, such as Android native application development
A process that is particularly good at detailed design and implementation


Director, DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd.
Director, RHB Securities Singapore Pte Ltd.
Capital raising experience for Listed companies and bringing companies to IPO as a Senior Dealing Director.
Takafumi Osada (JAPAN)
Manager of Business Partners, Inc
Japan Country Manager of DNO-Group
Sales Director of Billing System Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers)
Head of Blockchain Business Team, PRO
MBC C&I (Content & Infrastructure) Special Producer of contents business team production
Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Policy Science / Master's degree
Chugye University of Arts Graduate School of Culture and Art Administration / PhD in progress
Tetsuya Saito (JAPAN)
Ph.D. / State University of New York at Buffalo in USA
Associate Professor of College of Economics, Nihon University
Master of Economics(Kobe University)
Bachelor of Business Administration(Kwansei Gakuin University)
Takashi Kosuga (JAPAN)
Director of PRO (App producer)
Operating officer of IMAGICA group
Web service producer of CCC group
Virtual reality system planner of JFE group
Space development engineer of TOSHIBA group
Ericsson Digital Service consultant
Ericsson DCS(Data Integrity Assurance as a Service)
IoT Cloud & Feature as a Service
Softbank Commerce Korea Cloud consultant & BDM
HP / Citrix / Data Domain consultant
Hsu Hsin Jui (Blues) (Taiwan)
18 years work experince of online game , successful project manager and team leader of Soft world in Taiwan.
Many experinces for online game product launch and success in Taiwan.
He knows very well about how to make a project planning and execute smoothly.
Global Business Team -- Japan Country Manager, PRO GLOBAL  Japanese Literature Graduate with a lot of interest in Blockchain Technology
Excited about the BaaSid project and currently working hard to make this project a success.
Chris G. KIM (KOREA)
PISHON | Design Agency | CEO
GNP LINK | Advertising Agency | Design Director
IDO COMMUNICATIONS | Advertising Agency | Design Director
ADVERTISING WORLD | Advertising Agency | Senior Designer
WELCOMM PUBLICIS WORLDWIDE | Advertising Agency | Designer


K.S. Lu (ASIA)
Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc.(TWSE)
Awarded National outstanding SMEs The president of Chinese Taipei Football Association
The executive committee of East Asian Football Federation / The marketing committee of Asian Football Confederation
Kumakiri Yasutomo (JAPAN)
Vice President(COO) of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Impress Group)
CEO of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(NipponGroup)
Director of Electronics publication
Director of Web Planning & Production Manager of Advertising dep(International telecommunications company)
MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea
Vice President(CFO) of OCON(Animation Company)
Director of Venturelife(Investor, PEF)
Director of Internetiz(Venture Start-up Incubator)
PR and Public business planning for LG-CNS(System Integrator)
Harrison MOON (USA)
PH.D / MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea
Bachelor of Architecture from S.N.U. (Seoul National Univ.) in Korea
President of Pharos Asset Co., Ltd.
Fund manager in Consus Asset Management Company.
Vice president of CB Richard Ellis
Strategic planning team for SAMSUNG C&T (KOSPI)
Chairman of the KBA self-regulatory committee
(Korea Blockchain Association)
CEO of Siti Plan, Inc.
Chairman of S-Life Forum
PhD. of Real Estate Studies

19th Member of the National Assembly (KOREA)
Former Chairperson of Digital Party of Sunnuri Party
Former Vice President of Venture Business Association

Legal Support

Ronald H. Chen (CHINA/ASIA)
Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp.
Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD.
Independent Director of Advancision Corp.,Cayman
Joshua C.S. Lo (CHINA/ASIA)
MSEE, JD Independent Director, Redwood Group Ltd. (Taipei Exchange)
Independent Director, Shinkong Life Insurance, (TWSE)

Token Sale

Rate ICO : 1ETH=100,000 BAAS
Pre-sale : 1ETH=150,000 BAAS 
Total Supply 10,000,000,000 BAAS
Token Sale (34.15%) 3,415,000,000 BAAS

BAAS Token shareBAASShareLock up
Sale (Pre-sale & ICO) 1,215,000,000 12.15% No Lock up
Private Sale
(BaaSid Partner Sale)
400,000,000 4% No Lock up
Private Sale
(Strategic Partner Sale)
1,800,000,000 18% Lock up(1 year)
Team(Advisor) 1,000,000,000 10% Lock up(1 year)
Business Cooperation
(Lockup quantities are depends on circumstances)
1,485,000,000 14.118%
Lock up(1 year)
No Lock up
Founder 2,000,000,000 20% Lock up(1 year)
Mining/Reserve 2,100,000,000 21% Lock up(1 year)
Total Supply 10,000,000,000 100% Lock up 83.118%
No Lock up 16.882 %

Token Allocation

The founder and team are not allowed to sell BAAS tokens for 1 year

Use of the raised funds

1st Pre-sale (Private)
Marketing 20%
Reserve 70%
Operating 5%
Legal / consulting 5%

2nd Pre-sale & ICO
"BaaSid“ core Development 30%
Operation expense 10%
Marketing / Promotion 10%
Strategic Partners 10%
Biz Development 20%
Reserve 20%

1st Pre-sale(Private)


2nd Pre-sale

The coins, rest of 2nd Pre-sale, are planned to be sale through a strategic partner and will be locked for a period of time.


The coins, rest of ICO, are planned to be sale through a strategic partner and will be locked for a period of time.
Total sale 3,400,000,000 BAAS (34% of all)
ICO 1,600,000,000 BAAS
Price 1ETH = 100,000 BAAS
Bonus MAX 50% ~ 0%
Hard cap 10,500 ETH
Soft cap 2,000 ETH
ICO period 47 days
ICO first day 15, April 2018 at 00:00 UTC
ICO last day 31, May 2018 at 23:59 UTC
50% Bonus (5 days)
100,000 BAAS + 50,000 BAAS
15, April 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 19, April 2018 at 23:59 UTC
40% Bonus (5 days)
100,000 BAAS + 40,000 BAAS
20, April 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 24, April 2018 at 23:59 UTC
30% Bonus (5 days)
100,000 BAAS + 30,000 BAAS
25, April 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 29, April 2018 at 23:59 UTC
20% Bonus (6 days)
100,000 BAAS + 20,000 BAAS
30, April 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 5, May 2018 at 23:59 UTC
10% Bonus (10 days)
100,000 BAAS + 10,000 BAAS
6, May 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 15, Mayl 2018 at 23:59 UTC
No Bonus (16 days)
100,000 BAAS
16, May 2018 at 00:00 UTC
~ 31, May 2018 at 23:59 UTC
ICO Personal Limitation
Minimum 0.1 ETH
Maximum Unlimited

* Sales will be halted once the maximum target volume of 10,500 ETH or 1,600,000,000 BAAS has been reached.
* The ICO is planned to be issued at a 50%~0% Bonus price.
* For example, purchasers of the ICO can receive 100,000 BAAS (+ bonus 50,000 ~ 0 BAAS) per 1 ETH.

White Paper


  • BAAS Token
  • FAQ
  • How will the collection from the sales of tokens be used?
    For information about planning to use the collection, please refer to Token sale page or White Paper on the homepage.
  • How many BAAS tokens are issued during the token sale period?
    During the token sale period, 3,400,000,000 BAAS will be allocated.
    For details, please refer to Token sale or White Paper on the homepage.
  • What is the expected value of a BAAS token?
    The value of a BAAS token depends on its market value.
  • Are there any restrictions on participating in the token sale?
    Anyone aged 19 or over can join the BAAS Token Sale. However, residents of Singapore and the United States are preferentially excluded from participation. Participation may be subject to restrictions depending on their country of residence, so please check the restrictions of your country prior to participating.
  • Is there a limit on the amount involved?
    The minimum amount for participation is 0.1 ETH . If you send less than this amount, it will be returned to the original address.
    For more information, please refer to the Token sale page or White Paper on the homepage.
  • Is it possible to mine BAAS?
    You will be able to get reward according to your distribution on PoA and PoH.
  • What about the plans for the development and marketing of the BaaSid's?
    The BaaSid development team will cooperate with major universities, cryptographic research institutes and companies, FIDO research companies, and other various technology development companies in Japan, Korea, and the US, and develop and promote BaaSid through major media channels in each country.
    We will keep you up to date with the news on our homepage.
  • What do I need to know when purchasing tokens?
    Ethereum that you send directly from the coin exchange will be not processed. The BaaSid operating organization shall not be liable for any losses incurred by it.
    Please be sure to send the ethereum using your EtherWallet.
  • I would like to cancel and receive a refund after participating in token sale.
    No refund will be made except when the goal quantity shown on the Token sale or White Paper on the homepage is exceeded. Please make a decision after careful consideration.
  • When can I check my BAAS tokens in my personal ETH wallet?
    We will try to send the tokens to your wallet as soon as possible. However, due to the nature of the blockchain, it is necessary to wait until the transaction is confirmed.
    If BAAS tokens cannot be confirmed in your wallet consistently,
    please let us know your wallet address, quantity of the BAAS tokens, and time you purchased by email. (Mail to :
  • When does trading on the exchange start?
    We plan to be listed on the exchange for active trading of BAAS.
    As the exchange listing is decided, it will be announced via the BaaSid SNS channel.
  • Can we find out more information about the wallet?
    The method to make a BAAS wallet will be notified via e-mail and BaaSid SNS channel used when you signed up for membership.
    Please re-check your email account used to sign up before joining Token Sale.